Bystander Effect

Here’s the scene: The camera pans over a neighborhood at dusk. There’s the ice cream/coffee shop, the community garden. There is the neighborhood god, which isn’t a boy making perfect three-pointers in the pocket park, but the Greek god painted on the side of a building in a swirl of blues and purples. There is […]

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[sex object]

There are times I don’t want to put a CW on things, because I know that the folks I most want to see it will probably opt out, because their privilege allows them to do so. And then I think about all my lovely folks I wouldn’t want to hurt by a sudden dump of […]

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Boys Next Door

CW: Sexual Assault. Also, I speak in gender essentialist language in this post; however these types of violences do occur for people who do not identify as women. Earlier this month, I read Jessica Valenti’s piece in The New York Times, “What Does a Lifetime of Leers Do to Us?” In it, she talks about […]

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Why People Should Stop Saying Homeless People Have an Entitlement Problem

CW: Homelessness Someone I know recently called people who are experiencing homelessness “entitled.” Context: A person wearing business casual was walking down a crowded outdoor mall in the middle of the day. A person experiencing homelessness interacted with Business Casual in some way–and then attacked Business Casual with a bear hug from behind as the […]

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