Book Review: Shallow Water Dictionary

Sea-green designates more than a color. A sea-green is a place, a place defined as…’land overflowed by the sea in spring tides.’…If the greenhouse effect proves true and the ocean level rises, then politicians, highway engineers, biologists, real-estate developers, and others will pay much attention to the sea-greens becoming salt marsh. But who will speak […]

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Food Security in a Changing World

Let’s talk about food security. And by food security, I don’t mean the biosecurity side, which is what some government types mean when they talk about food security (meaning, how do we keep someone from introducing — intentionally or not — a biological agent into the food supply system and then contaminating it. Don’t worry, […]

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Book Review: The Orchardist

The Orchardist (2012) by Amanda Coplin is a haunting novel based on an (you guessed it!)  orchard near the turn of the 20th century. It is a book, on the surface about self-sufficiency, survival, and family — a book about a less-than-sparkly version of the American Dream. But beyond that, it is a story about […]

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Wolves by Emily Gravett

Ah, the joys of stereotypes. Wolves, by Emily Gravett (2005) was a book I came to because of reading Wolf Won’t Bite, which I’ve previously reviewed on this blog. Wolves is a Boston-Globe Horn honor book, an award given for excellence in children’s and YA literature. This made me pretty excited for the book, which […]

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