Food Security in a Changing World

Let’s talk about food security. And by food security, I don’t mean the biosecurity side, which is what some government types mean when they talk about food security (meaning, how do we keep someone from introducing — intentionally or not — a biological agent into the food supply system and then contaminating it. Don’t worry, […]

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More than 1/2 of Public School Children are Low-Income: Or, why we need to stop talking about “equality”

The Washington Post recently featured an article that talked about the increasing percentage of youth in America who both live in poverty and attend public schools. The article was problematic in itself — and not only because the actual study, if you look it up, points out that more than half of children in public […]

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Let’s Talk About Vulnerability

Are you squirming already? Because I am. Vulnerability is difficult to talk about. The fact that it’s so difficult to talk about is part of what has made Brene Brown so wildly popular (I’ve written before about my thoughts about “shame” and Brown, and won’t rehash them here) — many people feel they’ve finally been […]

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Book Review: The Orchardist

The Orchardist (2012) by Amanda Coplin is a haunting novel based on an (you guessed it!)  orchard near the turn of the 20th century. It is a book, on the surface about self-sufficiency, survival, and family — a book about a less-than-sparkly version of the American Dream. But beyond that, it is a story about […]

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A Refletion on Valentine’s Day

There seem to be two camps on Valentine’s day — those who are happily coupled, and those who aren’t. Those who are happily coupled maybe spent today doing cliched things and being happy about it. They maybe spent today wishing they could actually be with the person they are happily coupled with because so many […]

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