Emotional Labor & Eeyore

Lately, I’ve seen a variation of the above image circulating on my Facebook feed. In one comment thread, someone asks if this is the awesome thing about Eeyore, or if it’s the great thing about his friends. Almost everyone who responded to that particular person said some variation of “both.” For a time, Eeyore was […]

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Solomon Crocodile by Catherine Rayner (2011)

So, you’ve got this book, Solomon Crocodile by Catherine Rayner (2011). It has beautiful, rich, watercolor illustrations, and provides wonderful (and fun) alliteration (Solomon spies and Solomon slithers, for instance). To all outward appearances it’s (another) book about bullying & inclusion. Solomon Crocodile harasses the other animals in the story (frogs, dragonflies, storks, and finally […]

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Wolves by Emily Gravett

Ah, the joys of stereotypes. Wolves, by Emily Gravett (2005) was a book I came to because of reading Wolf Won’t Bite, which I’ve previously reviewed on this blog. Wolves is a Boston-Globe Horn honor book, an award given for excellence in children’s and YA literature. This made me pretty excited for the book, which […]

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