I see the world through the eyes of a photographer and a writer. For me, everything is framed–from what we hear on TV or the radio, to what we read in the print periodicals and online. I can’t pretend that I really see things that others don’t, but I can try to draw attention to the things we’re collectively overlooking when I do see them.

I am not the type of blogger that tries to give the impression that I know a lot about anything of the things I’m writing about. I’m learning as I go. Hopefully we all are. Where I get things wrong, let me know. I’m trying to train myself to see more of what we all overlook–and more specifically, to look closely at the things that I want to overlook. There are a lot of things I want to overlook because they’re hard to see. These are the things that are culturally unacceptable, the things that are ugly, the things we’ve trained ourselves not to see or that we’re repulsed by and still remain silent about.

Broadly speaking, my background includes the following: teaching/education; writing; environmental studies; finance. At various points, I’ve been involved in environmental and social justice movements.


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