Bystander Effect

Here’s the scene: The camera pans over a neighborhood at dusk. There’s the ice cream/coffee shop, the community garden. There is the neighborhood god, which isn’t a boy making perfect three-pointers in the pocket park, but the Greek god painted on the side of a building in a swirl of blues and purples. There is […]

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Slut: A Documentary Film

I’ve written before about the UnSlut Project by Emily Lindin — a twenty-something who was bullied in school for her sexual activity (and what people perceived to be her sexual activity). Emily’s latest project is Slut: A Documentary Film — and she needs $18,000 to get it off the ground. To this end, she’s put […]

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Waste Less – Feed More, Part 2

This post will focus on food recovery projects — individuals, groups, and organizations which work to redistribute and creatively use food that would otherwise go to waste. Why is food recovery important? Because in 2010, Americans created 34 million tons of food waste— that’s more than any other type of waste, except paper. To put that in […]

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