Book Review: Monument 14

I don’t remember how Monument 14 (2012), a debut novel by Emmy Laybourne came across my recommended reading pile, but I’m glad it did. Monument 14 is a post-apocalyptic young adult (YA) novel set in Monument, Colorado in the near future. In the story, we follow 14 youth (between 5 years old and probably 17 […]

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A Refletion on Valentine’s Day

There seem to be two camps on Valentine’s day — those who are happily coupled, and those who aren’t. Those who are happily coupled maybe spent today doing cliched things and being happy about it. They maybe spent today wishing they could actually be with the person they are happily coupled with because so many […]

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A New Look for this Blog

It’s been a long time since I updated. Why? In part because so many outlets already provide this type of news and I’ve had the opportunity to become more immersed in these stories. I’ll still cover, from time to time, news I think mainstream media and alternative media outlets are missing out on that I […]

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(Re)defining Public Lands

The proposed dissolution and redefinition of public lands doesn’t seem to be getting much mainstream media coverage, so here I go. In an effort toward full disclosure, I’ve recently become involved in advocating for responsible stewardship of BLM owned lands in Oregon, specifically in opposition to Congressmen Peter DeFazio, Kurt Schrader, and Republican Greg Walden’s […]

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Garden Reclamation

Have you been following the news surrounding Occupy the Farm? If you haven’t here’s the really high level summary: At the end of May, legal proceedings began between the University of California and the Gill Tract Farmers Collective — a group of “radical” farmers who decided to enter, occupy, and farm the last five acres […]

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