Book Review: Shallow Water Dictionary

Sea-green designates more than a color. A sea-green is a place, a place defined as…’land overflowed by the sea in spring tides.’…If the greenhouse effect proves true and the ocean level rises, then politicians, highway engineers, biologists, real-estate developers, and others will pay much attention to the sea-greens becoming salt marsh. But who will speak […]

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Waste Less – Feed More, Part 3

Again, I begin this with a disclosure. What you’re about to read isn’t as heavily based on research in the traditional sense (meaning, the oracle of Google and a few handy books or interviews), and instead will focus more on my personal (limited) experience with a food distribution corporation based out of the Midwest, and […]

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Waste Less – Feed More, Part 2

This post will focus on food recovery projects — individuals, groups, and organizations which work to redistribute and creatively use food that would otherwise go to waste. Why is food recovery important? Because in 2010, Americans created 34 million tons of food waste— that’s more than any other type of waste, except paper. To put that in […]

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