Book Review: Shallow Water Dictionary

Sea-green designates more than a color. A sea-green is a place, a place defined as…’land overflowed by the sea in spring tides.’…If the greenhouse effect proves true and the ocean level rises, then politicians, highway engineers, biologists, real-estate developers, and others will pay much attention to the sea-greens becoming salt marsh. But who will speak […]

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Book Review: The Orchardist

The Orchardist (2012) by Amanda Coplin is a haunting novel based on an (you guessed it!)¬† orchard near the turn of the 20th century. It is a book, on the surface about self-sufficiency, survival, and family — a book about a less-than-sparkly version of the American Dream. But beyond that, it is a story about […]

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Book Review: Lockdown on Rikers

Lockdown on Rikers: Shocking Stories of Abuse and Injustice at New York’s Notorious Jail¬† (2015) by Mary E. Buser focuses on Buser’s transition from an “idealistic [social work] intern” to a burnt-out administrator who realizes that because of the mentality that anyone who isn’t part of the Department of Corrections (DOC) is considered a “guest […]

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