Here There Be Monsters

“‘Hello, I’m a monster too. What poisons me is what poisons you.’ Into these animals we grew” -The Barr Brothers “Beggar in the Morning” Maps may or may not have ever said “Here there be monsters,” or even “Here are dragons,” though the common lore is that this is what mapmakers used to put on […]

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Book Review: Shallow Water Dictionary

Sea-green designates more than a color. A sea-green is a place, a place defined as…’land overflowed by the sea in spring tides.’…If the greenhouse effect proves true and the ocean level rises, then politicians, highway engineers, biologists, real-estate developers, and others will pay much attention to the sea-greens becoming salt marsh. But who will speak […]

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“Sorry About Last Night”

Yesterday, I was running and listening to podcasts¬† (with only one earbud in, because ofc) when one of the more sex-positive podcasts I’ve been listening to off and on for a while (rhymes with: Skies We Plucked and features two NYC-based lady hosts) read an email from a listener who called the hosts out for […]

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