Food Security in a Changing World

Let’s talk about food security. And by food security, I don’t mean the biosecurity side, which is what some government types mean when they talk about food security (meaning, how do we keep someone from introducing — intentionally or not — a biological agent into the food supply system and then contaminating it. Don’t worry, […]

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Are Organics Better? – The Stanford Study, and a Softer Focus View of the Debate

In the past few days, there has been a lot of talk about the Stanford study on organics, and specifically the nutritional content of organic foods. In fact, if you just Google, “Stanford Study Organics” you can read articles from a variety of sources that claim mainstream media has been duped by the study because […]

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Waste Less – Feed More, Part 3

Again, I begin this with a disclosure. What you’re about to read isn’t as heavily based on research in the traditional sense (meaning, the oracle of Google and a few handy books or interviews), and instead will focus more on my personal (limited) experience with a food distribution corporation based out of the Midwest, and […]

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Waste Less – Feed More, Part 2

This post will focus on food recovery projects — individuals, groups, and organizations which work to redistribute and creatively use food that would otherwise go to waste. Why is food recovery important? Because in 2010, Americans created 34 million tons of food waste— that’s more than any other type of waste, except paper. To put that in […]

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